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Unrealistic reflections are rendered when using an orthographic camera

Package: Scriptable Render Pipeline Universal


Steps to reproduce:
1. Download and open attached "PBRShadingCameraOrtho" project
2. Press "Play"
3. Observe the left capsule in the Game view

Expected result: The left capsule in the Game view does not change its appearance when the camera is moved
Actual result: The left capsule in the Game view keeps changing its appearance, according to the camera position

Reproducible with: 2017.4.36f1, 2018.4.15f1, 2019.2.18f1, 2019.3.0f4, 2020.1.0a18

Note: Reproducible with URP, LWRP, and built-in RP reflective shaders, not reproducible with HDRP shaders and non-reflective URP, LWRP and built-in RP shaders

Comments (1)

  1. ctmctm5

    Oct 27, 2020 20:51

    This happens because in the frag function in Internal-DeferredReflections.shader eyeVec is calculated as normalize(worldPos-_WorldSpaceCameraPos).

    This calculation is correct for a perspective camera but not for an orthographic camera. You'd need to replace _WorldSpaceCameraPos with the ray's origin point on the camera.

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