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[URP] [Metal] Camera stops rendering when a certain object is enabled in the Scene

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Reproduction steps:
1. Open the project attached in Drive (look for "Drive project")
2. Open L1_Apartment Scene
3. Open Scene view
4. Move the Scene view Camera around using the right mouse button (read step 4)

Expected behavior: Scene looks normal when turning around, FrontDoor Object is visible
Actual behavior: Everything but the gizmos are not being rendered and at some point camera "snaps" to the correct position rendering everything again for one frame, , FrontDoor Object is not visible

Reproducible with: URP 8.2.0, 9.0.0-preview.72 (2020.1.13f1)
Could not test with:
2020.2.0b10 or higher because the VR namespace is missing (the FrontDoor becomes visible in Scene)
2019.4.15f1 or lower because I couldn't resolve namespace/package errors (pipelines.core)

Reproducible with: Metal
Not reproducible with DX11
Couldn't test with OpenGLCore because everything is rendered pink

The issue does reproduce in play mode as well. This can be tested with the original project the customer provided (google drive backup, follow the steps in the e-mail, it reproduces in play mode when animations are transforming the camera)

1. The issue stops reproducing after changing the graphics API (so it might be something with scripts or materials, I've tried changing most of the stuff, disabling scripts but nothing changes)
2. Disabling the FrontDoor object will resolve the issue
3. In the original project, when the LaptopUI object is enabled the issue does not reproduce
4. Sometimes the Scene goes black, if you move the camera around it will restore
5. After exporting the L1_Apartment Scene to a new URP project the issue does not reproduce
6. After I downgraded the project to 2019.4.15f1 for testing and upgraded it again the issue reproduced much less frequently
7. I tried matching the project and pipeline settings as close as possible to a new project but the issue would still reproduce so this is unique to the project
8. There are a lot of videos attached in the edits

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2022.1):

    Fixed in 2022.1.0a8.1153

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