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Unwrapper gives different results between platforms

Global Illumination


In 5.x we no longer run the same unwrapper DLL on Windows and Mac. This means that when GI data is built on one platform with a certain set of lightmapping UVs (the realtime GI UVs are based on those, and the baked lightmaps use them too) the UVs produced on another platform during mesh import can be different.
The resulting mesh can thus have a different vertex count.

This is a regression compared to late 4.x.

This is a problem when loading the data built on one platform on another platform the UVs will not match with the output and one will see garbled output in the scene.

The realtime GI UV's patched from the snapshot can have a different count than the vertex count of the mesh and that leads to errors when batching:
"Failed setting triangles. Some indices are referencing out of bounds vertices. IndexCount: XXXX, VertexCount: YYYY"

Currently the only workaround is to rebuild lighting on each Editor platform.

  1. This is a duplicate of issue #754370

    Lighting Data incompatible between Windows and OSX

Comments (20)

  1. unity_BC07E05A9A22EA77F967

    Feb 17, 2022 10:35

    thnks for your service lots of people will get help to it me and other are facing same problem specially mac users

  2. kavontoy

    Jun 04, 2021 01:44

    This is a great post. I like this topic. I found many interesting things from this site. Thanks for posting this again.

  3. itsmonikaa1

    Nov 19, 2020 07:04


  4. kaushik.d

    Feb 04, 2016 05:50

    This seems to be finally fixed in 5.3.2f1. Worked when we baked on Windows with "generate secondary UV's" checked and imported fine on Mac.

  5. littlemuggo

    Jan 08, 2016 19:49

    Please fix. As temp solution, we have to re-bake every scene lightmaps on the platform (ie: iOS/Android) we are building too. This process takes a few hours at least... Please fix!

  6. 562873336

    Jan 05, 2016 02:04

    Still happen in 5.3.0 between Mac and Windows(64bit).

  7. jeremyfp

    Dec 18, 2015 20:55

    I like how voting is disabled for a "resolved" issue...

    Consider this a vote. The bug persists in 5.3.0f4.

  8. variablestatekieran

    Dec 09, 2015 17:19

    This is still an issue with some meshes in 5.3.0f4!

  9. cooado

    Dec 03, 2015 04:47

    it's still happening on unity 5.2.0f3 personal edition.
    Baked on windows, messy on mac.
    Baked on mac, messy on windows.

  10. kaushik.d

    Nov 30, 2015 21:14

    This is still a problem in 5.2.x . We have some pretty large levels, and it will be prohibitively expensive to re-bake everything on Macs for the iOS version of the game. Can someone please comment on when this will be fixed?

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