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Fixed in 2017.4.X, 2018.1.X



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[UnityTestRunner] -editorTestsFilter & -editorTestsCategories command line arguments don't work in batchmode

Unity Test Runner


Steps to reproduce:
1. Extract attached project
2. Open Unity with arguments (Edits below)
3. Observe the TestResults file (TestResults-XXXXXXXXXXXXX) in the root directory of the project and see that it didn't run the specified test.

Tested with:

2018.1.0b6 - repro
2017.3.1p1 - repro
2017.2.1p2 - repro
2017.2.0f3 - repro
2017.2.0b4 - repro
2017.2.0b2 - repro
2018.2.0a2 (eef84ef17bdd) - no repro
2017.2.0b1 - no repro
2017.2.0a3 - no repro
2017.1.3p2 - no repro
5.6.4p4 - no repro

2018.2.0a3 (a618e4) - no repro

2018.2.0a3 (a0fbd7) never finishes running test...

Comments (2)

  1. DematicTeltov

    Aug 14, 2018 13:49

    Sorry, just small update. It's running all tests and it shows categories in the results report. But I expected it will run only requested category.

  2. DematicTeltov

    Aug 14, 2018 12:31

    I tried with version 2018.2.3.12711 and it wasn't run any test.

    Console Command:
    .\Unity.exe -batchmode -runTests -projectPath "C:\MyProjectPath" -testResults "C:\TEMP\results.xml" -editorTestsCategories smoke -testPlatform playmode

    Test attributes I'm using:

    [Test, Timeout(10000)]
    [TestCase("A1", ExpectedResult = null)]
    [TestCase("a1", ExpectedResult = null)]
    [TestCase("11", ExpectedResult = null)]
    [TestCase("!@#$%^&*()", ExpectedResult = null)]

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