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Unity's AnimationCurve interpolation method creates glitches



Repro steps:
- Open the attached project
- Play Scene Test00 and Test01 and notice the 360 degrees looped animation is smooth
- Play Scene Test 02. There is an obvious glitch when the animation completes the first loop and it switches from 359 degrees to 0 (360) degrees again (watch the attached 3.5_interpolationGlitch movie - glitch visible at 00:26)
- Scene Test 03 has yet another glitch. Playing that scene in 3.4.2 looks different from when you play it in 3.5 (there might be a sort of regression here). Watch the attached 3.4 and 3.5RC1 movies that show how that scene is played differently. Notice how in 3.5RC1 at the 00:05/00:06 mark in the movie, the animation glitches before snapping back to the initial position. That glitch is not visible in 3.4

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