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Fixed in 4.2.2, 5.0.0-pre.6



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UNITY_XR_ARKIT_LOADER_ENABLED define is not added if 'ARKit Face Tracking' is enabled and Unity Editor build target is NOT set t

Package: ARKit


How to reproduce:

1. Create a new Unity Project (Unity 2020.3.15f2).
2. Set build target to Standalone (default).
3. Go to 'Project Settings/XR Plugin Management' and install it.
4. Enable ARKit Plug-in Provider. This will install ARKit 4.1.7 as a verified version for Unity 2020.3.15f2.
5. This step is crucial: go to 'Project Settings/XR Plugin Management/ARKit' and enable 'Face Tracking'.
6. Switch build target to iOS.

Expected results:
- In ProjectSettings -> Player -> ScriptCompilation -> ScriptingDefineSymbols, you should see both UNITY_XR_ARKIT_LOADER_ENABLED and UNITY_XR_ARKIT_FACE_TRACKING_ENABLED defined.

Actual results:
- In ProjectSettings -> Player -> ScriptCompilation -> ScriptingDefineSymbols, UNITY_XR_ARKIT_FACE_TRACKING_ENABLED will be correctly defined.
- However, UNITY_XR_ARKIT_LOADER_ENABLED will not be defined.

- Re-enable ARKit provider.

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