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"Unity is already in list" error appears when opening a project



Steps to reproduce:
1. Open Unity Hub
2. Open an existing project

Expected result: Unity Editor is launched with no errors
Actual result: Unity Editor isn't launched, "Unity is already in list. You cannot locate the same version" error appears in Unity Hub for a brief second

Reproduced with: Unity Hub 2.3.0

Comments (14)

  1. alienvmusic

    Apr 18, 2020 02:54

    i found the solution guys
    go to your instelled unity folder then > Data\Resources\Licensing\Client
    and delet ''Unity.Licensing.Client.exe''
    that resolved the problem for me
    and it made the unity start faster than anytime

  2. filipescuradumihai

    Apr 12, 2020 12:43

    Hi, I have installed unity for the first time. Whenever i try to open an existing project (including the very first one), i get this error. Do we you have any updates on this ?

  3. JustinMori

    Apr 02, 2020 10:11


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