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Unity Editor throws empty errors when PATHEXT Environment Variable is overriden in User Environment Variables



How to reproduce:
1. Open Environment Variables window (Control Panel -> System and Security -> System -> Advanced system settings -> Environment Variables)
2. Create a PATHEXT User Environment Variable
3. Set the Variable value to %PATHEXT%;.RB;.RBW
4. Open Unity Hub
5. Create a new project or open an existing one
6. Create a new script

Expected result: Script is created and no errors are thrown in the Console
Actual result: Script is created and empty error is thrown in the Console

Reproducible with Unity versions: 2019.2.15f1

Reproducible with Unity Hub versions: 2.2.0, 2.2.1

- The following error message is logged in the Editor.Log: Editor\Data\Tools\RoslynScripts\..\..\Tools\Roslyn\csc"' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Comments (3)

  1. MHatfull

    Dec 17, 2019 08:44

    This took me out for a day as the errors in the console are all blank and there were similar symptoms when 4.x was added to unity so the forums are full of noise about that. Anyone with less technical know-how would probably end up reinstalling Windows as I almost did.

  2. andrewpey

    Dec 08, 2019 17:32

    It also breaks git in Visual Studio since it tries to operate just `git` command (w/o `.exe`).

  3. dustout

    Dec 02, 2019 16:31

    The below topic had the solution to my problem, just adding a .exe to the end of the \csc did the trick

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