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[Umbra] Default reflection texture also contains objects from the scene

Progressive Lightmapper


Default reflection probe uses incorrect hash data when occlusion data is baked with Umbra and when lighting is generated manually.

Steps for reproduction:
1) Download `DefaultRefProbeUmbra` project below and open it
2) Bake the scene with Auto enabled
3) Observe that the output is correct
4) Bake the scene manually
5) Observe that the default reflection probe data is incorrect (as shown in the image below)

- Not a regression, reproducible in all Unity versions
- This bug doesn't occur with a project created from scratch, and it relies on the data generated from a different project (a link for the other project is shared below)
- Baking with Auto enabled renders the correct result
- Only an issue when same transformation values for a light is used (changing the transformation values create a new hash)

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