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UIToolkit errors after opening the RenderGraph Viewer



On latest Trunk (to this date) and using the project attached to this ticket, opening the RenderGraph Viewer logs UI Toolkit errors in the Console.

I was not able to reproduce the issue after creating a new template project with URP, only when using the project attached to this Jira ticket.{*}{*}

*Steps to reproduce:*

1. Download and launch the project attached to this ticket

2. Open the RenderGraph Viewer in Windows/Analysis

3. (Optional) Refresh the graph (arrow button)

4. Observe the errors in the console

*Actual results:* 

Errors in the console

*Expected results:* 

No errors in the console 

*Reproducible with versions:* 

Only testes with latest Trunk (6000.0.11f1) on a Windows machine

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