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The sample rate of animation imported to Unity is set 12.5fps if lower than certain number



How to reproduce:
1. Open the attached project
2. Open and play 1.scene ( compare two clips with sampleRate-10 & sampleRate-60)
3. Select G@OriginalStrafeWalkLeftAim10fps.dae
4. In inspector you could see the sample_rate is 12.5fps and the animation is twisted somehow
5. Import the DAE file into Blender and see the animation is correct there

How to break the correct animation:
6. Via explorer open G@OriginalStrafeWalkLeftAim60fps.dae file in Notepad and change its frame_rate to 20
7. Play the scene again and notice that its sample rate is set to 12.5 fps and animation is twisted as well

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