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The creating and import of a new script in Editor became really slow in trunk



Checked with new HDRP project and the time taken for creating new script has increased:
2020.3 - around 1 sec;
2021.2 - around 3-4 sec;
2022.1 and 2022.2 - around 4-5 sec;
of course on every version the "new HDRP" project means different because it uses different packages... But what is interesting - even in simple new 3D project on 2022.2 creating new script takes around 3 sec.

How can we reproduce it
1 Create new 3D project
2 In Project Browser RightMouseButton->Create->Script

Actual results: that causes import, then Domain Reload, then some other stuff - all that takes around 5 sec

  1. Resolution Note:

    I have filed several internal issues separately to fix particular parts of this that were slow.

    We have an analytics dashboard now to help monitor iteration times on a broader scale. There is a team working on CoreCLR where we hope to make a big improvement to this issue, and there are other entries on the Unity Roadmap ( and ) which are working towards fixing this issue.

    Since these are all large scale changes we're working on that go towards fixing this, we're unlikely to work on fixing this specific bug report.

    If you have a project where this is a problem you might like to try:
    - making sure that you do not have any unnecessary packages or asset in your project
    - turning on the fast enter playmode options (
    - setting up Assembly definitions to reduce the amount of code compiled (
    - using the Unity Profiler to check what is slowing things down in your project

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