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Submit Event not called when using a controller inside an active Input Field



Steps to reproduce:
1. Open user-submitted project (make sure you're in SampleScene.unity)
2. Connect a controller (tested with an Xbox 360 gamepad)
3. Enter Play mode
4. Write something in the input field
5. Try to submit (the submit button might be remapped to something else, depending on the controller, but it was RB, or the top right trigger on the xbox 360 controller)
6. Click the Button to make the input field inactive
7. Try to submit now

Expected result: submitting when the input field is active works
Actual result: cannot submit input when the input field is active

Reproduced with: 2017.4.10f1, 2018.2.6f1, 2018.3.0a10

  1. Resolution Note (2019.1.X):

    low priority and minor or cosmetic issues. likely won't fix.

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