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[Metal][Mac] Standalone crashes when changing Quality Settings at runtime on Metal (regression in 5.4)



Standalone crashes when changing Quality Settings on runtime if built using Metal graphics API.

1. What happened

The Standalone player crashes when switcing to / from "Beautiful" quality level. It seems that Anti-Aliasing is causing the problems, as changing only that property crashes the player as well (by first setting everything to minimal settings, clicking Apply and then changing only Anti-Aliasing using the in-game options).

2. How we can reproduce it using the example you attached

- Download and run the attached project;
- Open "Marijus_Scene1" Scene;
- Build a standalone with Metal Graphics API;
- Launch the standalone and select "Fastest" quality in the setup window;
- In-game click "Options" and then "Increase overall quality" 4 times, notice the player freezing.

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