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Shader keyword is not serialized in the material file



How to reproduce:
1. Open
2. Open scene "1"
3. Drag and drop "ToggleTest" shader on material "Test1"
4. Select "Custom/ToggleTest" shader from drop down menu for material "Test2"

Expected behaviour: both materials look identical, since the same shader is used.
Actual behaviour: materials look different.

Note: Set 'Force Text' through 'Edit->Project Settings->Editor' and check the material file with text editor.
'm_ShaderKeywords:' line will differ between the two materials.

Comments (3)

  1. chyrho

    Jan 30, 2018 20:35

    I examined the source code of the standard shaders in 5.6.1 and realized that those two missing keywords are probably no longer required as they are now always active, according to the shader script.

    #pragma shader_feature _NORMALMAP
    #pragma shader_feature _METALLICGLOSSMAP

    So my problem is NOT really about missing keywords. Instead something else happened and caused Unity to disregard the normal map and metallic map I assigned to the material.

    Sorry about the confusion.

  2. chyrho

    Jan 30, 2018 19:56

    Forgot to mention the Unity versions I tried that showed the symptom: 5.6.1f3, 2017.3.0f3.

  3. chyrho

    Jan 30, 2018 19:54

    I'm still seeing something similar in loosing shader keywords after re-saving the material. The ones I lost are from two of UMA's Diffuse/Normal/Metallic materials which use the standard shader.

    Diff in changes:

    + m_ShaderKeywords: _ALPHATEST_ON _EMISSION

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