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[Scripting][Mac] Script throws NullReference errors on OnEnable() though object should be initialized on Awake()



To reproduce:
-Create a new unity project
-Import the attached script or copy from below (Project Window -> Import new asset)
-Create a new game object (GameObject -> Create Empty)
-With the new gameobject selected drag the script from the project window into the inspector
-Press play

Expected result:
No errors in the console

Actual result:
Error in console: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

Platforms affected:

Platforms unaffected:

Versions affected:
2017.4.30f1, 2018.4.12f1, 2019.3.0f5, 2019.0f4, 2020.1.0a19

The Script contents:

"using UnityEngine;
using Object = System.Object;

public class ThisShouldntHappen : MonoBehaviour
private Object foo;

private void Awake()
foo = new Object();

private void OnEnable()

  1. Resolution Note:

    The reason that this is happening, is because of the lifecycle of MonoBehaviour with ExecuteInEditMode.
    For EditMode:
    Awake is called when the Scene is active, awake will not be called again, before OnDestroy is called. That happens if unloading the Scene.
    OnEnable is called after a domain reload.

    In this scenario, the reason for the NullReference is that Awake has already been called, then if a domain reload happens "object" will be null because its not serialized. If the field is of a serializable type, and have the serializablefield attribute, it would not give this error.

    Looking trough the documentation, we do not cover this area at all. I have pinged the documentation team so they will pick it up.

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