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[ScriptableObject] Script loses reference to ScriptableObject after compilation error is encountered and then fixed



Reproduction steps:
1. Open attached project "" and scene "ScriptableObjectIssue"
2. In Project window, open "MyBuggyScript.cs"
3. In "MyBuggyScript.cs", uncomment line 7
4. Restart Unity Editor
5. In "MyBuggyScript.cs", comment out line 7
6. In Hierarchy window, select "My SO Container" GameObject
7. Observe "My Scriptable Object" field

Expected result: There is a reference to the scriptable object
Actual result: There is no reference to a scriptable object

Reproducible with: 2018.4.27f1, 2019.4.9f1, 2020.1.4f1, 2020.2.0b1

  1. Resolution Note:

    The behavior for unsaved assets is undeterministic in this scenario, in order to address this you should save the asset in the asset database at creation time: AssetDatabase.CreateAsset(myScriptableObject, "Assets/MyScriptableObject");

Comments (1)

  1. ChrisIceBox

    Sep 01, 2020 08:01

    The object is not unsaved - the data is lost. Please re-open this issue. Data that was part of the scene file being is lost.

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