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[ScriptableObject] Name of child scriptable objects changes spontaneously



Steps to reproduce:

1. Open attached project
2. Delete "Repro Asset" scriptable object found in Assets folder
3. In top menu, click "Repro > Setup Repro Asset"
4. Once asset is created, expand it and notice that it has 3 children. Two named "Child Node" and one is named "Repro Asset"
5. On keyboard, click ctrl+s to save scene and once Save Scene window appears press cancel
6. Expand "Repro Asset" again ant notice that this time only one ScriptableObject is named "Child Node" and other two are named "Repro Asset"

Note: All children created in Step 4 should be named Child Node. Looks like one of them gets renamed instantly.

Regression introduced in: 5.3.3p1 (looks like 770926 introduced it)
Reproduced with: 5.4.0b8

Workaround: Name your main/containing asset's file something
alphabetically before all child assets

Comments (9)

  1. cozyurt_unity

    Jul 15, 2020 11:44

    Kedi Köpek Mamaları uygun fiyat bol çeşit

  2. JuliusJ

    Aug 29, 2016 09:06

    Should be fixed in 5.4.0p4 when it comes out

  3. numberkruncher

    Aug 28, 2016 03:11

    I am still seeing this problem in 5.4.0p3.

  4. numberkruncher

    Aug 20, 2016 22:52

    Yup still seeing the problem in Unity 5.4.0p2.

  5. numberkruncher

    Jul 30, 2016 22:48

    This page claims "Status: Fixed in Unity 5.3.7" yet the problem persists in Unity 5.4.0f3...

  6. artanist

    Jul 07, 2016 18:53

    It say that it's fix in 5.3.7, does that mean we have to wait until that version for the fix ? The latest for now is 5.3.5f1

  7. mpulkkinen

    May 27, 2016 05:51

    Seriously, still no progress? Still occurs in 5.3.5f1, and yes, still makes project / data management nightmare. We've spend extra time to make editor scripts to counter this issue ( in data management wise )

  8. zadr

    Apr 11, 2016 06:49

    Still occurs in 5.3.4p2 and 5.4.0b13.

  9. CrabSchell

    Mar 24, 2016 17:24

    We are seeing this in 5.3.4f1 as well.

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