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Scriptable Object with missing Script behaves differently in PlayMode and in PlayMode Tests

Unity Test Runner


Reproduction steps:
1. Download user's project and open in Unity
2. Enter Play mode - everything works fine
3. Open Window -> Debug -> Test Runner and select PlayMode
5. Select "Run All"
6. Run tests again

Expected: behavior is the same in Play mode and in PlayMode tests
Actual: PlayMode tests fail

Reproduced on: 2017.1.3p4; 2017.2.2p4; 2017.3.2f1; 2017.4.1f1; 2018.1.0f1; 2018.2.0b1

Note: "Resources/String With Int" in inspector has a warning - "The associated script cannot be loaded. Please fix any compile errors and assign a valid script."

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    Resolution Note:

    Closed as wont fix, as the workaround "Always put Scriptable Objects in Files with the same name. This prevents missing Scripts." is the recommended approach in general. The test framework will have unpredictable behavior when working with missing scripts.

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