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Reusing unity generated AndroidManifest.xml prevents the application to find data when splitting the .apk



Reproduction steps:
1. Download "" project and open in Unity
2. Go to File -> Build Settings... and click Player Settings...
3. Check "Split Application Binary" to true in Publishing Settings
4. Build and Run
5. Open the app and tap on the screen

Expected: skull images appear on the screen
Actual: the buggy image appears

Reproduced on: 2017.1.5f1; 2017.2.3p2; 2017.4.8f1; 2018.1.9f1; 2018.2.1f1; 2018.3.0a6

Reproduced with:
Xiaomi Mi 5, Android: 6.0.1
Google Pixel, Android: 8.1.0
Samsung Galaxy S9, Android: 8.0.0
Vivo Xplay6, Android: 7.1.1

Fixed on: 2018.3.0a9

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