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References to ScriptableObject are lost when ScriptableObject is duplicated

Asset - Database


1. Open attached project
2. Select "Scriptable" ScriptableObject asset
==> It has two references to other ScriptableObject (Ref1 and Ref2)
3. Duplicate the Scriptable asset (Ctrl+D)
==> "Scriptable 1" asset is created and it also has references to Ref1 and Ref2
4. Double-click on Scriptable script and comment out both public references
==> References disappear from inspector
5. Take a look into files on disk
==> Both "Scriptable" and "Scriptable 1" has links to scriptable objects
6. Right-click in Project Browser and select "ReimportAll"
"Scriptable 1" lost its links to scriptable objects (Ref1 and Ref2)
"Scriptable" still has those links in the file

Take a look into attached movie for details

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