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Project doesn't play with "UNetWeaver error: Exception :System.ArgumentException: An element with the same key already exists.."




Priority: 2Necessary for shipping a final release


Severity: 2No workaround

Reproduction steps:
1. Open and play attached project with 5.2.3p2 version of unity (reproduces with any scene).

Actual result: project doesn't start because of errors:
Expected result: project start as usual.

(5.2.0p1, 5.2.3p2)
UNetWeaver error: Exception :System.ArgumentException: An element with the same key already exists in the dictionary.
at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.UInt32,System.UInt32].Add (UInt32 key, UInt32 value) [0x0007e] in /Users/builduser/buildslave/mono-runtime-and-classlibs/build/mcs/class/corlib/System.Collections.Generic/Dictionary.cs:404

Failure generating network code.
UnityEditor.Scripting.Serialization.Weaver:WeaveUnetFromEditor(String, String, String, String, Boolean)

Additional notes:
* Might be related to case 701313.
* Could be caused by lambda expressions.
* Project doesn't work on 5.3.0f4 after API update.
* Might be fixed in 5.3.0f4.
* After cleaning up more than half scripts with 5.1.4p1 to start the project, issue disappears. But it doesn't reproduce on new versions either. Not sure if this is a regression.

Comments (3)

  1. D863e01c939988e510cfa7a38ea08cc2?d=mm


    Feb 21, 2016 00:33

    We had the same error, and it is really a compiler error. We found that if the Assembly-CSharp.dll larger than 1 MB is not possible to read it. That is, when the amount of code that is greater than a threshold, the library is compiled crooked. So now we use this Eeverything works fine. I hope this helps someone. Good luck!

  2. 06d317c4ab1b8c0cc5bd4e9c4717ed8a?d=mm


    Feb 20, 2016 19:56

    How could this be by design? This is a bug in Mono compiler:

  3. E97158271f1a3bd70fd6bcb602e5c409?d=mm


    Feb 17, 2016 23:55

    I have same problem.
    Why is the issue priority 2??
    I cannot develop our product because of the issue.

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