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Prefab in subscene does not update after component script changes



Fixed for 2021.1 here:


1. Download attached project (
2. Edit package manifest to point to local DOTS folder (master branch)
3. Open project with Unity 2020.1/staging
4. Open "ForEach" scene, hit play
- both objects are spinning

5. exit play
6. On ProjectView, select prefab "RotatingCube", add component "Translation_ForEach" to it
7. Set speed of Translation_ForEach to 2
8. hit play
- both objects are spinning and moving up and down

9. exit play
10. Edit scripts to rename to "Translation_ForEach2"
11. Check prefab "RotatingCube" to make sure component "Translation_ForEach2" is there, and has speed = 2
12. hit play
- both objects are spinning
- but only 1 of them are moving up and down

See attached video for detailed bug repro.

Reproducible: 2020.1.0b14

Note: This also reproduces when Jobs > Burst > Enable Compilation is OFF

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