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[PLM] Baking stalls with terrains containing lots of holes

Progressive Lightmapper


Steps to reproduce:

1. Download the attached project (DrArm-TerrainHolesRepro)
2. Open the TerrainRepro scene
3. Generate lighting using either CPU or GPU lightmapper
4. Baking stalls


- Reproduces both with CPU and GPU lightmappers; Enlighten baked GI is not affected
- Reproduces in: 2021.2.0a15, 2021.2.0a16, 2021.2.0b1, 2021.2.0b4, 2021.2.12f1, 2022.1.0b8, 2022.2.0a1
- Does not reproduce in: 2021.2.0a4, 2021.2.0a8, 2021.2.0a12, 2021.2.0a14, 2021.1.20f1
- Uncovered while verifying the following issue:

Editor log print:

[PathTracer] Failed to add geometry for terrain with hash '6651e6407e4c7571df7c168c1d1232c8'; terrain has no triangles or is fully covered by hole(s).

Comments (1)

  1. marksuid

    Mar 01, 2023 14:58

    I have waited 2 years for UUM-4946 (a terrain related several second PERFORMANCE REGRESSION) and now it is finally fixed in 2020.3.45 - only for 1408533 to prohibit use of this LTS release.

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