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Packman UI - Disabling Modules error message is inaccurate



When the user attempts to disable a module through the Package Manager UI, the error message shown to him is erroneous in displaying references to "remove" instead of "disable".

Steps to reproduce:

- Start Unity and open Package Manager UI
- In the Package scope drop-down menu, select Built-in packages
- In the list find and click on VR built-in package
- On the bottom right side of the Package specific detail view press the button "disable"

Notice that there is a pop-up menu that appears with three buttons:
- The title says: "Removing Package". Expected text would be "Disable Package"
- The description says: "Are you sure you wanted to remove this package?". Expected text would be "Are you sure you wanted to disable this package?". Also notice that "wanted" should be corrected to "want".
- The left most button says: "Remove and do not ask again". Expected text would be "Disable and do not ask again"
- The right most button says: "Remove". Expected text would be "Disable"

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