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[OSX] Weird ALLOC_TEMP_THREAD errors appear after selecting File -> Save Scene

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Steps to reproduce:

1. Open Unity on OSX 10.11.1;
2. Create new project;
3. In the new project quickly click File -> Save Scene or press 'cmd + S'.

Actual result:

Weird allocation errors appear in the console:
- "TLS Allocator ALLOC_TEMP_THREAD, underlying allocator ALLOC_TEMP_THREAD has unfreed allocations";
- "Allocation of 1 bytes at 12911030"

See attached gif video and actual.png screenshot.

Regression introduced in Unity 5.4.0a6.

Expected result:
Errors should not appear after opening Save Scene window.

Workaround is to select File - Save Scene as... - in this case errors aren't thrown.

- Happens only on OSX El Capitan (10.11.1). Doesn't happen on OSX 10.10;
- Errors are shown only after selecting File -> Save Scene for the first time.

Comments (9)

  1. scionious

    Jul 10, 2017 02:20

    I'm getting this on Windows 5.6.1f1 64bit with iOS builds, and it's driving me nuts.
    Major performance impact in editor.

  2. thedarcsage

    May 02, 2017 19:14

    Update: After switching back to Android build and restarting Unity, the error was gone.

  3. thedarcsage

    May 02, 2017 18:39

    Same. I have been building fine on Unity 5.6.0f3 for Android on Windows 10, but when I switched platforms for iOS build, I received this error and nothing was built.

  4. iLyxa3D

    Apr 18, 2017 00:38

    Same in 5.6.0f3
    iOS build from Unity (win)
    appear during compiling in Xcode 7.3.1

  5. andywood

    Apr 04, 2017 10:06

    I'm still getting this constantly on all my projects. I had this error with all unity 5.5 versions, and still with Unity 5.6. MacOs Sierra.

  6. Marcelo-Viana

    Mar 14, 2017 19:50

    Same issue here, 5.5.2f1

  7. antonkudin

    Feb 18, 2017 18:04

    Still getting this error in 5.5.1p4

  8. antonkudin

    Feb 18, 2017 18:04

    Still getting this error in 5.5.1p4

  9. JaniVDB

    Dec 01, 2016 11:48

    I am noticing the same issue with Sierra osx and unity 5.4.3f1

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