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[OSX] Open C# project open both builtin Monodevelop and external editor



To Reproduce:

1. Set external script editor to Xamarin Studio.
2. Open any solution with 'Assets / Open C# Project'

Only Reproducible on OSX, opening script manually just open Xamarin Studio as expected.

Comments (5)

  1. 4227ddb6e7cadcf86f847ad3c7fa349a?d=mm


    Oct 19, 2015 06:49

    @edwood75: If you are still experiencing issues, please submit a bug report.

    @reapazor: Could you post this to the scripting forums ( and send me a PM on the forums with a link to your post? I would like to avoid using the issue tracker for this.

  2. F6d9862218d1f6aa85c262b49bda7b3d?d=mm


    Oct 17, 2015 12:30

    As directed by Shawn,

    When I set the code editor editor preferences, and refresh the preferences window to show the updated "Code" editor selected, Unity still opens MonoDevelop.

    The particular code can be found here:

    Currently, Line 816 starts the UpdateUnityPreferences which does the swap of the prefs.

    Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

  3. 4227ddb6e7cadcf86f847ad3c7fa349a?d=mm


    Oct 12, 2015 08:38

    @edwood75: Are you setting your external script editor to Xamarin Studio or another editor?

  4. 198c68419aead6bac6406282942a1428?d=mm


    Oct 04, 2015 07:34

    Well it not fixed. I just installed Unity 5.2.1p1 and it still persists. As noted in many threads, whats wrong with your testing team? You keep notifying issues as fixed when they are not.
    Do you take in consideration the time and hassle to download/install the supposedly "good version" keeping the projects intact by moving around or migrating just to realize that the problem remains???

  5. 4227ddb6e7cadcf86f847ad3c7fa349a?d=mm


    Sep 28, 2015 08:50

    Fixed in Unity 5.2.1p1

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