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[OSX] Input.GetKey() fails to detect keyboard input.



The input script has issue to detect keyboard input on OSX Editor and Player. The affected functions are:
- Input.GetKey
- Input.GetKeyUp
- Input.GetKeyDown

1. Open attached project and enter Playmode
2. Press keys on keyboard
3. Observe the Game view window and Console messages
4. Hold a couple of keys down, and then press another key on keyboard
5. Check the result

Actual: Sometimes, the detection for keyboard input is delayed. In some cases, it is missed completely.

Happens to: 2020.1.0a23

- The issue seems to happen randomly. Just need to keep pressing keys and it would repro eventually.
- It seems easier to repro the issue with keys above the Space Bar (C, V, B, N, M)
- In Player, the issue is not as bad as in Editor. A way to repro is to hold A, S, D key down, then press Z, X or C.

  1. Resolution Note (2020.1.X):

    We were able to reproduce the issue. However, the default Mac keyboards do not support pressing more than 4 keys at a time reliably. If you plug in a gaming keyboard with anti-ghosting, you will be able to easily press keys reliably. If you plug in a keyboard with n-key rollover, you can get many, many keys at once. This is a limitation of the hardware, but the default macOS driver will support gaming keyboards out of the box and resolve the issue without special drivers. See for more details.

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