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NonAlloc queries return RaycastHit arrays with null/empty members



1. Open attached project
2. Open scene scene.unity
- Note there is a Cube in the scene, along with two red Sphere gizmos
3. Play the scene
- The sphere gizmos should turn green (representing that the Query has received some number of results), and there should also be a yellow ray representing RaycastHit.position and RaycastHit.normal
4. Select the Origin gameobject, then change the Query Type from Sphere Cast to Sphere Cast Non Alloc
- Note that the sphere gizmos are green, indicating that there are results, however no yellow ray is drawn, indicating that the returned array is empty

- Reproduced with 2018.2.0a2, 2018.2.0a8
- Not reproducible with 2018.1.0b10

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