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Nested Prefab structure breaks when Redoing override operation



To reproduce:

* Download the "My Project(12).zip" project and open it in Unity;
* Open the "SampleScene" scene;
* Select the "Cube" Prefab in the Hierarchy;
* Apply its overrides;
* Undo overrides;
* Observe that the gameObjects showed again with the "Plus" badge;
* Redo overrides;

Expected result: GameObjects are applied again
Actual result: GameObjects disappears and only the "Cube" Prefab is left

* If you Undo again, gameObjects will be restored;
* Tested on Mac Intel;

Reproducible in Unity 2022.1.24f1
Not reproducible in Unity 2022.1.23f1
Regression in Unity 2022.1.24f1

  1. Resolution Note:

    Please update to 2022.2 where this issue is fixed.

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