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NativeArray<T>.ReadOnly does not implement IEnumerable<T>



NativeArray<T> implements IEnumerable<T> allowing to use C# "foreach" syntax to iterate over it. However its read-only view (returned by calling .AsReadOnly()) does not, leading to an inconvenient inconsistency of the API.

This is especially problematic in some scenarios with DOTS.

In the attached project - and in particular in the attached screenshot -, there is a DOTS-based draft of a NBody physics system. The Job System prevents concurrent write access to the "velocityEntityChunks" array - at least in development mode - by raising an exception if I try to manipulate it directly. It forces me to call its readonly view by calling .AsReadOnly() before doing anything. For example it prevents line 39 to work via a runtime error.
My first reflex as a C# developer was to assume I could write the same "foreach" loop on the readonly view (as in line 43). However it does not compile because the type NativeArray<T>.Readonly returned by "AsReadOnly()" does not implement IEnumerable<T>. This forces me to rewrite the loop as in lines 47-50.

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2021.2):

    Fixed in 2021.2.0a11

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