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Mouse Input: can't drag HTML5 sliders in embedding page



-e: see title, any interaction with the browser that involves a click and drag is not functioning.

--create new project
--save scene
--build for WebGL
--open index.html in editor
--add <input type="range"> anywhere on the page, or an element with the "draggable" attribute
--load build in a browser
--try dragging the slider
--NOTICE the input range slider is not draggable, however you can click along the slider to move the value

--do a new WebGL build, this time as a "Development" build so your build isn't obfiscated, compressed, and minified
--open up <buildfilename>.js in your build folder
--find registerMouseEventCallback function
--comment or delete "e.preventDefault();"
--save and reload the page. Now your <input type="range"> or element with "draggable" attributes are working correctly

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