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MonoDevelop fails to fully open from within Unity



When the JavaScript script file is double-clicked in Unity editor for the first time after restarting computer, MonoDevelop fails to fully load and an error pop-up message similar to this is shown:

Error while trying to load the project 'C:\Users\Public\Documents\Unity Projects\4-3.3f1_AngryBots\Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.csproj': Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Reproduced with:
Unity Version 4.3.1f1 (cebd4d9b5122)
Unity Version 4.3.3f1 (c8ca9b6b9936)

Comments (14)

  1. F8f683bb646ce3ed474417ce61a25b40?d=mm


    Aug 11, 2014 16:02

    Thanks JESUSLUVSYOOH! it was delaying me this problem at the develop of my game

  2. 8e678a7601f65810772802e48dbde48e?d=mm


    Jul 11, 2014 17:02

    GrunchyLabs thanks yooh. This was nuisance. Thank you JESUSLUVSYOOH.

  3. 5f2c25971c86076fc8be9e8aac44ec3c?d=mm


    Jun 27, 2014 09:35

    Praise Jesusluvsyooh!

    Thanks, that did the trick for me. Had this problem after updating to 4.51.

  4. 694d8c4c3253b1b9d4a077d6d96150d7?d=mm


    Jan 21, 2014 15:13

    hi, i believe you should check that mono development is properly selected in the Unity preferences area.
    Preferences - External tools - external script editor - click there and find your mono development

    It may say in the url that its there but sometimes, usually after updating Unity (for me anyway) i have to reselect where mono development is, try this, let me know how it goes :)

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