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[Memory] Unity leaks memory and eventually crashes when selecting any UI batch in the profiler




Priority: 4Not yet prioritized for a release


Severity: 3Secondary functionality broken

How to reproduce:
1. Create a new Project
2. In the Hierarchy Window create a new Image Object
3. Open the Profiler Window and Enter Play mode
4. In the Profiler Window click UI -> All Canvases -> Canvas -> Batch 0
5. Open and observe the Task Manager

Expected result: The profiler doesn't leak memory
Actual result: Clicking on any UI batch element slowly leaks memory and eventually crashes Unity

Reproduced in: 2018.3.0a4, 2018.2.0f2, 2018.1.8f1, 2017.4.6f1, 2017.2.3p2, 2017.1.4p2

Note: Unity has to be the active window for the bug to reproduce

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