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Map index on trigger does not correspond to map index of trigger state, exceptions thrown

Package: Input System


-e :A specific setup with the new Input System causes an error to be logged and further input to break.

--Connect a gamepad (tested with PS4 controller via Bluetooth and USB (customer) and x360)
--Open attached SampleScene and play it
--Hold the left arrow key and the press the up arrow key
--NOTICE exceptions being thrown
---Map index on trigger does not correspond to map index of trigger state
---Exception 'IndexOutOfRangeException' thrown from state change monitor 'InputActionState' on 'Key:/Keyboard/upArrow'
---IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
---Should not get here

-This is not shown in the sample project but if the errors are repeated, input starts to be ignored.

-Customer was only able to reproduce this with two action maps, each containing an action with both a composite and regular binding. If either a map or any binding is removed, the error does no longer appear. It also only works with a gamepad connected, if the gamepad is disconnected, the error also doesn't appear.

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  1. dev_cwj

    May 28, 2020 08:10

    [Solution] - Reset Properties
    1. Go to upArrow's Properties - Interactions
    2. Remove Interactions or Processors list
    3. Reset Interactions or Processors list again (Add the same value as above)
    4. Ta Da!

    It is possible to reproduce the bug when copying&pasting 'Action' from another 'Action-map'.

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