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Main Preview doesn't update on its own when Shader Graph is opened

Package: Shader Graph


Reproduction steps:
1. Create a new 3D project
2. Import the Shader Graph package
2. In the Assets folder right-click > Create > Shader Graph > BuiltIn > Lit Shader Graph (or Unlit Shader Graph)
3. Open the New Shader Graph

Expected result: the texture in the Main Preview window is updated
Actual result: the texture in the Main Preview window is not updated (cyan texture)

Reproducible with: 12.1.0 (2021.2.0f1), 12.1.4 (2021.2.11f1), 13.1.5 (2022.1.0b7)
Not reproducible with: 12.0.0 (2021.2.0b14), 14.0.2 (2022.2.0a15)
Could not test with: 7.7.1 (2019.4.35f1), 10.8.1 (2020.3.28f1), 11.0.0 (2021.1.28f1), 13.1.2 (2022.2.0a2), 14.0.0 (2022.2.0a3), 2022.2.0a4) (7.7.1-11.0.0 no Lit Shader Graph; 13.1.2-14.0.0 errors occur when installing the package for 2022.2)

Workaround - drag the Main Preview window

Note: error occurs on both Lit and Unlit Shader Graph

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  1. DanVioletSagmiller

    Aug 28, 2022 15:45

    I'm experiencing the same issue. sometimes it updates after a second or two, other times it updates after I click on the preview. Sometimes it just doesn't update at all, even if I leave alone for a minute or two. :(

    I'm running this in 2021.3.8f1 (latest LTS at the moment)

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