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A Mesh which uses ShaderGraph Shaders is not rendered when using Metal Editor Support on Unity Editor



To reproduce:

1. Download attached "" project and open in Unity
2. Open "BossEffect" scene
3. Observe that You can see "Boss_Prefab" gameObject in Game View
4. Open Project Settings and in Player Tab enable Metal Editor Support
5. Restart Unity Editor

Expected results: After Restart You can still see "Boss_Prefab" gameObject in Game View
Actual results: After Restart "Boss_Prefab" gameObjec becomes invisible

- This issue does not reproduce on Windows and macOS Standalone, iOS and Android
- This issue happens if Metal Editor Support is enabled and Auto Graphics API is set on Metal
- Project Render Pipeline is LWRP and "Boss_Prefab" gameObject uses ShaderGraph Shaders
- If You change "Boss_Prefab" gameObject Shaders to Built-In Shaders, then everything will start to work as Expected
- Could not check on HDRP because Project becomes corrupted
- Could not check on Unity 2018.4, 2019.2 and 2019.3 because Project becomes completely corrupted and it is impossible to Fix it
- Issue can be isolated and create a Small Reproduction Project by removing some of the plugins (some are necessary for the shaders)
- Issue was found to also be reproduced in Windows Editor when using Vulkan API

Reproduced on Unity 2019.1.8f1 and 2019.1.11f1 and 2019.4 (when corruption fixed)

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    Resolution Note:

    The applied shader graph shaders became transparent when using Metal due to a Divide node that divided by zero (this has undefined behavior across graphics APIs). This only occurred outside of Play Mode / Runtime because then the project script that set the unexposed shader properties would not run, resulting in dividing by the primitive default value of 0.

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