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Game stops running on Mac when Cmd-Tabbed



Steps to reproduce:
1. Open attached "" project
2. Have a stopwatch ready
3. Press play on the editor and start the stopwatch at the same time
4. Cmd+Tab between two other applications a couple of times on fullscreen and let it sit for a while (up to 2 minutes should be enough)
5. Go back to Unity and observe the counter having fewer seconds than the stopwatch

Expected outcome: If Unity runs in the background it should do it reliably
Actual outcome: It counts seconds up to a certain point and then stops

Only reproduced on MacOS
Reproduced on: 5.5.4p1, 5.6.2p1, 2017.1.0f3, 2017.2.0b2

Comments (2)

  1. ryanbabraham

    Jun 10, 2020 11:26

    Thanks for sharing the valuable information for us. The game stops running on mac when cmd-tabbed. You gave a step by step instruction for this issue and east yo understand. I think the steps will help me to fix this issue. Can you please share this kind of info?

  2. justinjacob14216

    Jan 06, 2020 05:24

    This post is sharing the steps to reproduce the stopping of games running on Mac when CMD-tabbed. I always get solutions for my problems here. That's why I use this site regularly for solving my problems. Thanks to you for your help.

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