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Fixed in 6.9.0



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5.13.0, 5.10.0

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[LWRP] Render Texture loses transparency values in built game when an Empty Renderer Feature is added

Package: Scriptable Render Pipeline Lightweight


Steps to reproduce:
1. Open user attached project
2. Build & Run
3. Observe that the render texture loses transparency

Expected result:

Reproduced in: 2019.3.0a1, 2019.2.0a14, 2019.1.0f2 on Vulkan and OpenGLES3
Packages reproduced in: 5.13.0, 5.10.0

Reproduced on: Android, iOS, Windows Standalone

Devices under test:
VLNQA00230, Oneplus OnePlus6T (ONEPLUS A6013), Android 9, CPU: Snapdragon 845 SDM845, GPU: Adreno (TM) 630
iPhone 6 (iOS 11.3.1)

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 6.9.0):

    Fixed from LWRP 6.9.0+

Comments (1)

  1. talofen

    May 30, 2019 22:03

    Same problem in Windows Build. Both LWRP and HDRP. In a new project the problem is not there, but after some works, it comes out. I still have not found the combination of settings that triggers it...Does anyone have any workaround?

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