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[Linux][Editor] Unable to put in custom name when creating a new library.



The Name field in Create New Library window does not seem to take input.
This happens to Color Picker, Gradient Editor and Curve Editor.

Repro Step:
1. Create a new project and create a Particle System under any object (it is on the Directional Light in the attached project)
2. Choose one of the field that uses Curve Editor, e.g. Size over Lifetime, and enable it.
3. In the curve editor, click the gear icon at the bottom next to the Preset selection.
4. In the Presets window, click the Menu icon in the upper-right corner.
5. Choose "Create New Library..."
6. Once the window appears (this may take 2-3 seconds), try to type in the Name field.
(See attached image)

Expected: Can type normally in the Name field.

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