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[Linux Editor] Dragging prefabs to scene results in NullReferenceException and removal of previous prefab in the scene



Steps to reproduce:
1) Create a new project.
2) Create a cube prefab in the Assets folder.
3) Delete the Cube object from scene.
4) Drag the cube prefab into the scene.
- "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" appears.
5) Repeat step 4.

Upon dragging the cube for the second time, the first cube prefab disappears and is replaced by the second one. The exception appears every time the prefab enters scene view.
Entering and exiting play mode allows placing the second prefab successfully, however, it breaks again afterwards.

Reproduced on:
2017.1.0b8, 5.6.0f3

Did not reproduce:

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  1. postcert

    Sep 29, 2017 11:59

    Would also like to note that dragging the prefab into the hierarchy will correctly add it to the scene.

    Some other notes with multiple prefabs:
    Prefab A: Last successfully dragged in item
    Prefab B: Any other prefab

    - When dragging in B, A will disappear and be as if I dragged A in. (Just like the original report)
    - This can be "corrected" by dragging this A object over to the project tab and to the scene all while holding mouse1. This ends up with the correct prefab now being placed. (Still is the only object that can be dragged in...) Noticed that the inspector blanks out after going over the project tab and "correcting" the prefab.

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