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Fixed in 2021.3.36f1, 2022.3.21f1, 2023.2.13f1, 2023.3.0b3, 7000.0.0a1



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[Linux] Crash on g_type_check_instance when opening a project or entering the Play Mode on a tutorial microgame project



Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached “Crash” project
1. Open a microgame project
2. Enter the Play Mode

Expected result: Unity Editor successfully opens a project
Actual result: Unity Editor crashes

Reproducible with: 2021.3.8f1, 2021.3.16f1

Reproducible on: Linux Mint, SteamOS, Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 22.04, Fedora 37 (Wayland Gnome), Pop!_OS 22.04 (Linux)

First lines of the stack trace:
#0 0x0055642954c31c in burst_signal_handler(int, siginfo_t*, void*)
#1 0x007f8625330e70 in funlockfile
#2 0x007f86259212fd in g_type_check_instance
#3 0x007f8625916e7c in g_signal_handlers_disconnect_matched
#4 0x0055642ab29373 in DisconnectGtkSignal(void*, GtkCallbackResponse (*)(), void*)
#5 0x0055642a3c8f3d in MenuItem::~MenuItem()
#6 0x0055642a3cd7b3 in RemoveItemFromMenu(std::list<MenuItem, std::allocator<MenuItem> >*, core::basic_string_ref<char>)
#7 0x0055642a3cd7f3 in RemoveItemFromMenu(std::list<MenuItem, std::allocator<MenuItem> >*, core::basic_string_ref<char>)
#8 0x0055642a3cd633 in MenuController::RemoveMenuItem(core::basic_string_ref<char>)
#9 0x0055642a889526 in RecentScenesMenu::Build()
#10 0x0055642a88948e in RecentScenesMenu::Update()
#11 0x0055642a3c97fa in MenuController::UpdateAllMenus(bool)
#12 0x0055642ab0f237 in OnActivated(MenuItem*)
#13 0x007f86258fe349 in g_closure_invoke
#14 0x007f8625911aef in g_signal_handler_disconnect
#15 0x007f862591895f in g_signal_emit_valist
#16 0x007f8625918ab3 in g_signal_emit
#17 0x007f862603110c in gtk_widget_activate


# Crashes with this stack trace were only reported in the 2021.3 LTS stream
# CQA couldn’t reproduce this crash on any of their Linux machines

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