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[iOS][5.5] WebCamTexture and Microphone classes are used in empty Unity projects



This is a regression on 5.5 branch from p2 to p3 (not reproducible on trunk).

Empty iOS project created with Unity uses WebCamTexture and Microphone classes without usage descriptions in info.plist, therefore the app cannot be submitted to the App Store.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Create a new project.
2) Build for iOS.

Notice the Console warnings:
WebCamTexture class is used but Camera Usage Description is empty. App will not work on iOS 10+.
Microphone class is used but Microphone Usage Description is empty. App will not work on iOS 10+.

Also, when the Xcode project is deployed on a device, UNITY_USES_WEBCAM returns true.
This prevents the app from being submitted to the app store.

Reproduced on:
5.5.0p4, 5.5.0p3

Did not reproduce:
5.5.0p2, 5.6.0b4

Comments (4)

  1. A0a11dfbc7dfebfe1216341a112c4ef3?d=mm


    Feb 27, 2017 17:39

    issue still exist in unity 5.5.1f1

  2. 5f8603ae976b980b2ede71b4d59317ad?d=mm


    Feb 20, 2017 18:19

    I am using 5.5.1 patch 4 and I was able to submit to App Store

  3. 6e4f8edc05c20ca4753aa20860be95cb?d=mm


    Feb 06, 2017 12:09

    The bug will be fixed in 5.5.1p3 patch release.

  4. 823a25c7909a96382227117cd46fabf5?d=mm


    Jan 29, 2017 01:59

    Issue persists. Unity 5.5.1f1

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