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[iOS] Using Mobile/Particles/VertexLit-Blended shader with a spotlight causes OpenGLES error 0x0502



How to reproduce:

1. Open attached project
2. Open scene Main.unity
3. Build to iOS and run
- Note the errors printed in the Xcode log: OpenGLES error 0x0502 in .../iOS/Classes/Unity/

- Reproduced in Version 5.4.0b11 (323b0238353b), Version 5.3.4p1 (e89f89413a91) on an iPhone 5 (iOS7)
- Not reproducible using a device with Metal
- Blocked from testing Version 5.2.4f1 (98095704e6fe) due to Xcode errors

Comments (5)

  1. ivan_barbancic

    Sep 02, 2016 12:37

    I have the same problem but on the iPad 4 with Unity 5.3.5 and 5.2.4.
    In my project a 3D model does not render as expected and I have a problem with the viewport rectangle of the camera (I think it is the viewport) because the entire gui is stretched in one part of the screen (the gui is made with an external framework)

  2. UnityDev291

    Jun 13, 2016 23:54

    Further testings shows it occuring in Unity 5.3.5p2.

    When the text is changed in the UI Text component, Xcode immediately reports:

    OpenGLES error 0x0502 in /../Classes/Unity/

    Running on iPad Air 2 (iOS 6.2.1)

  3. UnityDev291

    Jun 13, 2016 23:23

    Would also add that it appears on build using just OpenGLES2 and also in a build using both OpenGLES2 and 3.

  4. UnityDev291

    Jun 13, 2016 23:22

    Also seen in Unity 5.3.5f1.

    OpenGLES error 0x0502 ...../Classes/Unity/

    When reported in Xcode log, can see missing letters and numbers from text using standard GUI/TextShader with dynamic .otf font.

    Appears on iPad Air 2 but not (yet) seen on iPhone 6.

  5. pixelsplit

    Apr 02, 2016 21:02

    Same issue here on 5.3.4p1, iPhone 5, using Mobile/Vertexlit. Blocke since this issue seems to kill the framerate!

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