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[iOS] Unity Remote doesn't take up the entire screen on devices that have taller aspect ratios



Steps to reproduce:

1. Open a new Unity project
2. Open Unity Remote on an iPhone with taller display (any of the newer iPhones with notches work)
3. Select the device in "Project Settings/Editor/Unity Remote" window
4. Click 'Play' in Editor

Expected behaviour: The streamed game view on device should take up entire screen.
Actual behaviour: Game view on device takes up only a part of the screen, sticking to 16:9 aspect ratio no matter what device is used and leaves unused space/black bars on top/bottom of the screen.

Reproduced with:
2019.4.16f1, 2020.2.0b7, 2021.2.0a1

Not reproducible on Android (tested with Samsung Galaxy Note20).

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