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Fixed in TextMeshPro (2.1.0-preview.2)



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1.4.0 - preview.1b

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[iOS] Unable to delete whole text from input field with one click even though whole text is shown as selected

Package: TextMeshPro


To reproduce:
1. Open users attached project ""
2. Open "TextInputTestScene.unity" scene
3. In the Hierarchy window select Canvas > InputField (TMP)
4. In the Control Settings enable Hide Mobile Input
5. Build for iOS
6. Deploy the Xcode project to an iOS device
7. Select the text in the input field
8. Press the backspace key

Expected: all selected text is deleted
Actual: only the last letter is deleted even though the whole text is shown as selected

Reproduced on:
2017.4.31f1 2018.4.5f1 2019.1.13f1 2019.2.0f1 2019.3.0a11

Package version:
- 2.0.1
- 2.0.0
- 1.4.1
- 1.4.0
- 1.4.0 - preview.3a
- 1.4.0 - preview.2a
- 1.4.0 - preview.1b

Devices reproduced on:
- iPhone 8 iOS 11.0
- iPad Pro (12.9' 3rd gen) iOS 13.0

Device not reproduced on:
- VLNQA00277, Asus ROG Phone (ASUS_Z01QD), Android 8.1.0, CPU: Snapdragon 845 SDM845, GPU: Adreno (TM) 630

- On package version 1.3.0 and earlier, selecting the input string doesn't select the whole string, it just adds a text cursor at the end of the string
- There are no packages on 2017.4 and earlier
- On 2017.4.31f1 using TMP 1.2.2 from the Asset Store doesn't mark the text when selected
- Using simple UI Input Field doesn't mark the text when selected

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  1. athenahoros87

    Sep 29, 2020 15:50

    Thank you, very helpful!

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