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[iOS] Input.touchCount does not always return correct number of touch count



To reproduce:
1. Open project attached by QA
2. Open build settings and make sure that "Scene1" is attached
3. Build project for iOS
4. Run it on a device
5. Touch screen at 1 point and then add another finger to another place

Expected result: Every time Input.touchCount should return the correct number of touch.
Actual result: Sometimes the second finger is not noticed and touchCount returns 1 instead of 2.

Reproduced with: 5.6.4p1,2017.1.1f1, 2017.2.0f3, 2017.3.0b5, 2018.1.0a1
Devices: iPhone 6s iOS 11.0, iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.0

Not reproducible on: iPhone 5s iOS 9.3, iPad Mini 3 iOS 10.3

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