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[iOS][OpenGLES2] Getting "Internal error, unrecognized message" when building



To reproduce:
1. Create a new project
2. Add a 3D Cube to a scene
3. Build for iOS
4. Observe errors in the console :
"Shader compiler: Compile Standard - FORWARD, Vertex Program: Internal error, unrecognized message from the shader compiler process. Please report a bug including this shader and the editor log."
5. Deploy the Xcode project to iOS device
6. Observe the crash at: "UnityGfxDeviceWorker (33): EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=1, address=0x0"

Expected: the project is built without any issues
Actual: getting shader errors in the console while building the project and built project crashes on launch

Reproduced on:

Regression introduced in:

Not reproduced on:
2017.4.32f1 2018.4.10f1 2019.2.4f1 2019.3.0b4 2020.1.0a5

Crash reproduced on these devices:
- iPhone 7 iOS 12.3.1
- iPad Pro 12.9' (2nd gen) iOS 11.2.1

Getting only a black screen on these devices:
- iPad Mini 2 iOS 11.4.1
- iPad 5th gen iOS 10.3.3

- Attaching Editor.log for console errors
- Doesn't reproduce on Android VLNQA00015, Samsung Galaxy Note8 (SM-N950W), Android 8.0.0, CPU: Snapdragon 835 MSM8998, GPU: Adreno (TM) 540
- Reproduced on Metal, OpenGLES2
- Doesn't reproduce on OpenGLES3
- When building with OpenGLES2 getting a black screen with a grey SPHERE (sphere.png) even though there was only a CUBE in the scene
- When building for a second time, getting a pink screen in an iOS device

Comments (38)

  1. 0ab0c0bca59dc24c957e2feef5281108?d=mm


    Nov 14, 2019 00:30

    Major blocker for me. Reproduced with 2019.2.12f and MacOS Catalina. Grey screen on the first launch, a pink screen on the next launches.

    Changing to Linear didn't help.
    Removing metal and adding opengles 3 didnt help too(but I was able to see some ui elements but most of the stuff was just pink)

  2. Eae10bdca40d0393068f083b39cd50b1?d=mm


    Nov 13, 2019 11:58

  3. De538f6303bc4c5fbed82b7dcefab0a9?d=mm


    Nov 13, 2019 02:00

    I can confirm that removing OpenGLES works.

  4. De538f6303bc4c5fbed82b7dcefab0a9?d=mm


    Nov 13, 2019 01:25

    Still have this problem on 2019.2.12f1 :(

  5. Ff28cab93ec0592fd81ab65a4970b5c8?d=mm


    Nov 12, 2019 19:27

    The issue was fixed for me when I set the Color Space to Linear and removed OpenGLES from Graphics APIs. I am running Catalina, Unity 2019.2.11f1 and Xcode 11.2.1.

  6. C588d6e51490389e9fbe3537c2146a21?d=mm


    Nov 12, 2019 15:00

    As a workaround, what worked for me in Unity 2019.2.12f1 is using the UnityShaderCompiler binary from the the 2019.3.0b10 version (located at /Applications/Unity/Hub/Editor/{UNITY_VERSION}/

  7. Aac73f3b5db8c9dca0d51728c32ad110?d=mm


    Nov 12, 2019 13:39

    Forgot to say that I'm building for Android

  8. Aac73f3b5db8c9dca0d51728c32ad110?d=mm


    Nov 12, 2019 13:35

    I can't upgrade a project from 2019.1.10f1 to 2019.2.x because of this shader compiler errors...

    macOS Catalina
    Unity 2019.2.12f1

  9. B1e8eef1cb385f50b2e0fce34d04f548?d=mm


    Nov 11, 2019 22:13

    Instead of compiler errors when building I have a grayscale screen and crash on game start. Also, Unity is crashed after switching from Gamma to Linear.

    macOS Catalina
    Unity 2019.2.12f1

  10. 31217508a21f1402508d2931b313c8e1?d=mm


    Nov 11, 2019 20:49

    We have same issue as others on here when building for Android, using 2019.2.6 and 2019.2.11 on Catalina. Lots of shader compiler errors and pink everywhere when we run the game on a device. Tried on 2019.3 beta and this issue is not present there, but there are other issues that keep us from publishing using the beta version. Please fix on 2019.2.x

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