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InvalidProgramException: Invalid IL code when using SyncListStruct where each element also has an array



Steps to reproduce:

1. Open attached project
2. Open scene SyncListTest
3. Run scene
4. Press "Lan Host"
5. Open console and notice InvalidProgramException: Invalid IL code is thrown in console

Comments (4)

  1. B02f46ac511511baf2019f94ebcc1086?d=mm

    Dima Kurilchenko

    Jan 10, 2016 15:52

    Occurs in 5.3.0f4

  2. 3f74c7fb8478ec753ad6f7e80dc8f3fc?d=mm


    Jan 06, 2016 11:44

    Its not fixed , its still occurring in 5.3.0f4

  3. E74679127e76176e921564da0a7b264a?d=mm


    Dec 24, 2015 02:09

    All I need is something like "SyncDictionary".

    The same exception occurs when I am trying to implement my SyncDictionary as follow:
    public class SyncListDict<TKey, TValue> : SyncListStruct<SyncListDictKeyValue<TKey, TValue>>, IDictionary<TKey, TValue>

    It's ok when I am a host. But after that, when another player connected to the host, the host throw this exception.

    I know it has been documented as follows:
    "The struct used SyncListStruct derived class can contain members of basic types, arrays, and common Unity types. They cannot contain complex classes or generic containers."

    But why?

  4. 5c78e8a56fd047aaabed927e87037953?d=mm


    Nov 01, 2015 23:18

    Still occurring in 5.2.2p2

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