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Internal package modules that are not used in a project do not get stripped from player builds.



Repro steps:
1) Create a simple project in URP, HDRP or built-in render pipeline, whichever render pipeline is desired.
2) Go to the package manager, filter BuiltIn packages, and notice that the NVIDIA package is disabled by default. This is done on purpose, we disable this package by default.
3) Build a player for 64-bit windows standalone with mono scripting backend.
4) When building is done, go to the folder of the project.

Notice that NVIDIAModule.dll/pdb, and other libraries such as NVUnityPlugin.dll and nvngx_dlss.dll are now present in the built player, despite the fact that the builtin package was not included.
The expectation is to not have libraries (nvngx_dlss.dll and NVUnityPlugin.dll) as well as the module dlls not present in the player built.

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